Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My EFL Word Walls + Two Giveaways


Finally, I've taken some pictures, uploaded them to Photobucket, and can now proudly show you my EFL classroom here in Mexico. It is just little, (I have a maximum of 12 students at once) but it is now a whole lot prettier thanks to the inspiration that I've received from all my blog stalking :-p

In the past year or more that I have worked here, I haven't seen anybody decorate their rooms. It is kind of difficult as we don't receive a big salary, and we don't have a colour printer or anything fancy to utilise (what I would do for a Silhouette!!). So I've used mostly coloured paper that I bought.

Here are the before pictures:

(OK, the truth is that I forgot to take a before picture, so these are photos of my colleague's room, which is almost a mirror image of mine.)

And here are photos of my now much more colourful room (well, apart from that ugly alphabet frieze!!):

It might not seem like much, but I am super proud of it! I have made Word Walls for each of my classes, based on the vocab we have covered in each unit, which is likely to be shown in the exam. We have exams every quarter for the secondary and adult classes, and after every 2-3 week Unit for the elementary age kids. Here are some close ups:

The All Aboard group are my 5th grade kids, and I have reorganised their wall since this original photo so that we can practice the grammar at the same time as vocab:

I'm not sure how to make this picture be portrait rather than landscape :-( I changed it in Photobucket but it doesn't seem to want to keep the change over here :-/ You will just have to tip your head OK!

In this unit, we were focusing on 'yet', 'already' and 'just', and how they are used with the present perfect.  I was careful to put the negatives next to 'yet' for the display, but we always move the 'yet' and stick it after the past participle when we are making example sentences, (which adds a nice kinesthetic component). The words are all attached with Tac so they can be removed for used in class games.

In future posts I will show you some of the activities that my groups have been doing to reinforce grammar structures. Until then, enjoy some more giveaways!

Miss Sara, aka Miss Elementary, is celebrating having reached 200 followers! Yay! Go and check out her giveaway here:

I can't enter this next one, as the prizes are not digital and I don't live in the United States *tears* but it's a goody so I don't want you to miss out just because I have to! I Teach Dual Language is giving away two bilingual books of your choice (and there are over 40 languages to choose from!) from Language Lizard.

Buena suerte! Que tenga un buen dia :-)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing about my giveaway! I'm sorry I can't send it down to you in MX! I am excited to find your blog and will add it to my blogroll! :)

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