Friday, September 28, 2012

5 GIANT giveaways!

I LOVE giveaways! I love them even more than freebies, but maybe that is just my competitive nature! :p plus, I have found so many awesome new blogs this way.

As a bonus, this post has forced me to use a techy skill I have recently learnt thanks to The Gypsy Teacher.

Number 1: Herding Cats in Kindergarten is having a Happy Fall Y'all Giveaway!

This giveaway ends in just over 2 days.

Number 2: Sugar and Spice is giving away a $25 Tpt gift certificate to celebrate 400 followers!

This giveaway ends in just over 6 days.

Number 3: Tanya Rae... is hosting a 'Fall is Here' giveaway

I can't seem to link any of the pictures from her page, sorry :-(

Tanya Rae... is Hosting a Giveaway

This giveaway also ends in roughly 6 days.

Number 4: Primary Possibilities is celebrating a whopping 500 followers!!

I can't link any pictures from this page either!! I'm starting to think that the problem here is me :-D  Anyway, here is a hyperlink:

Primary Possibilities Fantabulous 500 Follower Flipout

This one doesn't end for 13 days.

Number 5: Teachery Tidbits has been celebrating every day this week! Today is Day 5, but you can still go back and enter the other 4 giveaways too. One of the prizes for today is a $20 Target gift card!

You only have 8 hours left to enter this one!!


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  1. Thank you for posting about our giveaway!! YOur newest follower, Stephanie